Why Space Coordinator?  


Our aluminum closet and wall system is designed to perfectly fit your space and integrate functional storage of your space.  

1. Flexible Customization

Versatile and stylish, our modular Nous Closet system offer a wide range of accessories (wooden shelves, brackets, hanger bars, shoe racks, baskets, pants racks, etc) making it ideal for various applications including wardrobes, dressing room, living room storage, office and even in retail environments.  are manufactured from high grade anodized aluminum which can either be mounted floor to ceiling or floor to wall. Nous Closet System provides you with the flexibility to create an integrated storage solution to suit any interior style.

2. Fast & Easy

Our closet system is quick and easy to install with minimum tools. Pre-fabricated shelves are designed to fit perfectly on  the aluminum stanchions. You will save labour costs and installation time over any other conventional built in closets.

3. Durable Design

Space Coordinator is made from high grade aluminum designed to stand the test of time. The strong torsional rigidity from the aluminum stanchions keeps the shelves stable and level longer.